Sanctuary Vets Portsmouth operate across two sites; our veterinary facility in Farlington, and our branch veterinary surgery in Emsworth, Havant.  Both practices offer routine vet and nurse consultations with surgery taking place at the main site in Farlington where there are separate dog and cat wards are provided which helps minimise any potential stress for your pet.

We offer free parking onsite at both Farlington and Emsworth.  When your pet needs us, you don’t need the hassle of finding somewhere to park!

Our veterinary hospital in Farlington, Hampshire has the capacity to allow patients to stay overnight following surgical or medical procedures, or when they require ongoing medical treatment and monitoring.

Because all our records are fully computerised, we can securely share these between our veterinary hospital at Farlington and our vet surgery Emsworth to provide you with the convenience of choosing which location is best for you, and your pet.

Sanctuary Vets Farlington

Our modern veterinary facility at Farlington, Hampshire was built in 2012.  At 6000sq ft, this location can offer a range of services to meet your pets’ needs.

We’re proud to provide:

  • Two state-of-the-art operating theatres, for soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery
  • Imaging suite for digital x-ray and ultrasound
  • Modern anaesthetic monitoring equipment, including non-invasive blood pressure monitoring , ECG, capnography and pulse oximetry
  • Isolation facilities
  • Comprehensive in-house laboratory for processing clinical pathology samples (blood, urine, etc)
  • On-site VetsNow team providing out-of-hours inpatient and emergency care

Sanctuary Vets Emsworth

Our Emsworth veterinary surgery is based at Southleigh Farm, surrounded by beautiful fields filled with horses.  We moved here in 2012 to meet the demands of an ever-growing client base and provide even more facilities and services to pets in Hampshire.

At Emsworth veterinary surgery we provide:

  • Vet and nurse consultations
  • Separate wards for cats and dogs, to minimise stress to your pet
  • Free on-site parking

Emsworth veterinary surgery offers an intimate, peaceful setting to provide care to your pet.

We look forward to welcoming you to either our Farlington Veterinary facility or Emsworth Veterinary Surgery.  Please contact us if you need to book an appointment or just need advice – we’re here to help.

We realise that pets often feel stressed when visiting us, even though we wish they didn’t!  That’s why we provide separate cat and dog waiting areas, consultation rooms, wards and operating theatres to try and keep your pet as calm as possible when they are visiting us.