Pet Dentistry

As with our own dental health, home care is the best way to avoid development of dental disease. This includes brushing the teeth and the use of foods clinically proven to promote dental health. Many pets, however, will need to visit the vet for dental treatment at some point in their life.

If you have noticed that your pet suffers from bad breath, difficulty eating harder foods, red or bleeding gums, please contact us to book in for a FREE dental check with our nurses.

Teeth showing tartar and inflammation

Teeth showing tartar and inflammation – this pet needs a dental!

dog eating a bone

What happens when my pet comes in for dental work?

In our pets this must always be carried out under general anaesthesia – something many people would prefer! Although this can be daunting for pet owners, we aim to minimise the risk as much as possible. All patients receive a full health check once they are admitted and blood tests are available that can check liver and kidney function before any drugs are given. If a problem is identified, we will call you and discuss whether the dental can proceed with revisions to the procedure or whether the operation will need to be postponed to allow the issue to be investigated further or treated.

The equipment used in the practice during dental procedures is very similar to the equipment in our own dentist’s surgeries and includes ultrasonic scales, hand instruments, high-speed air driven drills, and a polisher. If your pet requires any tooth extractions, local anesthetics can be used to reduce discomfort. Although tooth sockets are often left open following an extraction, more complex procedures require a surgical approach that involves suturing a flap of gum over the hole which will allow the mouth to heal quickly.

Will they still be able to eat?

We aim to provide excellent pain relief before, during and after the operation as it is important your pet eats a good meal as soon as possible after a dental. In addition to the pain relief given at the time of surgery, your pet may come home with oral medication to keep them comfortable over the following few days.

For your FREE dental check with one of our nurses, please contact us. We can provide advice in if your pet needs dental treatment, and how you can keep their teeth healthy at home.