Nurse Consultations

We offer a variety of free nurse appointments with our registered veterinary nurses.


Weight and Nutrition

Feeding appropriate food at correct amounts is vital for maintaining good shape and condition. Many pets are overweight or are not being fed food to match their nutritional needs. Our trained nurses can analyse your pets feeding and lifestyle habits and work with you to tailor an individual plan suited to you and your pet’s needs. We will also give ongoing support to maintain perfect weight and shape.


Dental care is an area that is often overlooked by pet owners but implementing an effective home care regime can reduce the need for an anaesthetic and tooth removal later in life. Our nurses can demonstrate brushing techniques but can also discuss other dental products that may help keep your pet’s Hollywood smile intact.

Puppy and kitten growth

Having a new puppy or kitten in the household can be a rewarding, yet daunting experience. Our nurses will be there from day one to advise you on various aspects of care. We will see your little ones for regular appointments to weigh them, update their details in your pet’s growth chart and administer relevant parasite control treatments. These consults are also an opportunity for you to discuss general care of your pet as they grow.


We always request that patients are reassessed after having a general anaesthetic or surgery to ensure that they are recovering as anticipated and to pro-actively manage any complications that arise. Generally, these consultations are with a nurse and take place 3 and 10 days after the procedure but please contact us to arrange an early appointment or to discuss any concerns if you or your pet need support.

Peace of mind

Sanctuary believes that offering peace of mind is never a waste of time. If you have a concern about your pet, but are unsure if you need to see a vet or not, our nurses will be happy to talk to you and examine your pet to see if there is anything to be concerned about.

6-month proactive health check

We recommend a health check every 6 months to help keep pets fit and healthy. Your nurse will perform a nose to tail examination and ask you about your pet’s habits at home and any concerns you may have. If there is something noted that the nurse feels may be an issue they will refer you to see a vet. If they have no concerns they will advise on how to keep your pet in tip top condition.


Rabbits seem like simple pets but require a lot of care and knowledge about their specific needs. Our nurses can discuss diet, health and habitat to ensure your bunny is able to live a happy and healthy life.

Parasite control

We can offer advice on parasite control and apply treatments for you.