At our Farlington clinic in Portsmouth and Emsworth clinic, near Havant we stock a large range of prescription medications for immediate dispensing. We are lucky to have a next day delivery service for almost all other stock.  There are various products that can be bought over the counter, including ear cleaners, shampoos, food supplements and calming products.

You can get all your medications from us, usually straight after the consultation.  Alternatively, you can ask for a written prescription for the medication and buy it elsewhere. This could be another veterinary surgery or pharmacy.  The current charge for this is £15.40 per item.

Please contact us by phone to order medication

To order medication including repeat prescriptions, please ensure you give us 24 hours’ notice; that allows us enough time to ensure we can fulfil your requirements.

We can only prescribe prescription-only medicines for animals under our care and have a legal and ethical obligation to ensure that that the therapies used are the most appropriate for your pet. As a result, medication can only be prescribed following a consultation with a vet and patients on long-term therapy will need to be reassessed to monitor their condition and general health, with the frequency of these checks being based on a risk assessment by the vet. For example, a vet check every 6 months will be sufficient to allow the ongoing prescription of flea and worm treatment and testing is not required. By contrast, a pet with diabetes, epilepsy or heart disease may need to be re-assessed every 3 months with further investigations such as blood tests or x-rays being necessary in some instances.