X-Rays & Imaging

X-rays & ultrasound

If your pet needs further investigations, we are well equipped to carry these out on site. We have modern digital X-ray facilities and an ultrasound scanner which, either singly, or in combination, can aid in the diagnosis of a wide range of conditions.


The X-ray machine allows us to check for broken bones, identify joint diseases such as arthritis and infer the presence of other conditions by allowing us to assess the size, shape and position of internal organs. X-ray can often help us identify foreign objects an animal has eaten, and let us decide if surgery is needed. We are also able to obtain radiographs for BVA hip and elbow scoring and, when needed, x-rays obtained at the surgery can be sent to a specialist for a more detailed opinion when necessary.


Using the ultrasound, we can assess the internal structure of organs such as the liver or kidneys allowing us to identify problems such as bladder stones or abnormalities of the intestines. We can perform pregnancy scans for dogs and cats and use ultrasound to guide the vet when obtaining samples of urine or tissue from an abnormal organ.